A Woman-Owned Small Business
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ECATS Background

Founded in 2000, ECATS has experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing the quality service that you deserve and expect. Our mission is to operate at a level that will enhance results for your organization. Our small group of principals has more than 100 years of relevant experience. As a small business, ECATS' principals are fully accessible to our clients, and can resolve issues our clients may have personally. Our staff members and associates have worked together for years, forming a close-knit and well-functioning team. ECATS understands the realities of the environmental, and occupation health regulatory arena and the importance of both client service and respect.

Our professional team strives to support our clients' efforts to achieve their goals in ways that provide innovation, cost savings, a realistic approach, and outstanding customer service. The experience base that forms ECATS staff is the result of client relationships that have endured thru time. We can provide references that validate our successes and that demonstrate ECATS' ability to respond, communicate, and work with needs that are dynamic.

 ECATS' managing principals continue to work "in the field," and our corporate structure is very "flat." We do not have multiple levels of management that increase costs and delay service. Our rates are very competitive. To maintain our competitive rates, ECATS has formed a network of associate companies that cooperate with us to provide our clients with the highest quality and most applicable experience, without excess overhead. ECATS has a demonstrated record of innovative thinking, cost reduction, and a willingness and ability to find unique solutions.

 ECATS looks forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how we can streamline your environmental processes, reduce your costs, and enhance the continuity of your operations.