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ECATS Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Services

RCRA Site Management

Do you only generate non-hazardous solid waste? Are you sure? Every site should be assessed for waste management issues under RCRA.

Many items we commonly dispose into the dumpster from home are considered hazardous waste in the workplace. As a potential hazardous waste generator, it is your responsibility to determine whether your wastes are hazardous. Wastes such as light bulbs and batteries are commonly overlooked in making the determination.

ECATS personnel have years of experience finding both large and small potentially hazardous waste streams like those that may currently be generated at your site. We are also adept at finding pollution prevention opportunities, including recycling, to reduce the amount of hazardous waste your operations generate.

RCRA Waste Management Plans

ECATS has developed hazardous and solid waste management plans for more than 90 facilities in all 50 of the United States and one US territory. Our personnel have conducted site visits at each facility, working closely with the on-site manager responsible for waste management to both gather accurate information and focus on specific management issues, as requested. May we help you today?