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ECATS Information Technology Services

ECATS does not believe in the "one-size-fits-all" concept. Our Information Technology (IT) services are not based on simply forcing your system to conform to off-the-shelf solutions.

Our IT personnel:

  • Evaluate your operational processes
  • Evaluate your hardware and software needs
  • Design custom applications to meet your needs
  • Plan and implement those applications
  • Monitor system performance during the initial operational phase to ensure quality


IT Experience

Our team of IT professionals have provided the following services for many different client organizations operating in many different environments:

  • Custom Application Design / Development
  • Network Planning / Setup / Security
  • Workstation Planning / Setup / Security
  • Server Maintenance / Security
  • Disaster Recovery Planning / Implementation
  • Data Conversion Services


Application Development

Do you need a Web-based application, or does your Web-based application need to be updated?

ECATS IT personnel have extensive experience with the analysis, development, testing, and support of Web based applications utilizing published Web standard technologies, such as HTML, DHTML, ASP, CSS, XML, VB, Java, JavaScript, Crystal Reports, and other appropriate means to provide scalable and reliable platforms.


Network Design and Administration

Do you need support for your Local Area Network, or do you need network administration support?

ECATS IT personnel have extensive experience in providing server and workstation maintenance in both development and production environments, including situations in which Windows servers running IIS were connected to both Oracle and Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) server databases.

ECATS IT personnel have also served as the first-line resource for system users, working with other members of an Information Systems team to identify and resolve a wide variety of issues on a variety of systems. Our personnel have also served as Database Reporting Specialists, providing dynamic request driven reports utilizing Crystal Reports, and have provided application development and enhancement, as well as general application and hardware support, at both the server and workstation level.

ECATS IT personnel have experience in every aspect of computer networking, from network and server administration, to application development (including, but not limited to, the development of intranets), to training end users in various programs and applications.